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A madcap scientist named Fritz Berger has only gone and developed a Mind Control Virus. If it becomes airborne, the world as we know it will be over!

British Intelligence have infiltrated the Department for Advanced Science in Healthcare, only to discover that the virus is wired to a timing device!

Even with the help of our inside agent, it’s going to take a crack team of brave souls to foil Fritz Berger’s nefarious plan!

Once separated into individual cubicles, teamwork will be your only hope of success. You’ll need to share information to solve the puzzles and crack the codes. Communication is vital in this mad dash to save the human race!

This is a physical game in confined spaces with plenty of crawling involved.
Footwear must be removed in this game.
Maximum height: 6ft.
This game is not suitable for people who have restricted movement.
This game is not suitable for people who suffer from colour blindness.
Players must be aged 14 years and over. A Minimum of one adult is required.

Game Duration

90 Minutes


2 Players: £60
3 Players: £75
4 Players: £90


INDIAN QUEENS – Gnome World Campsite, TR9 6HN

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