In 1897 a man named Henry escaped his cell in Bodmin Jail and disappeared without a trace. He is the only person ever to accomplish this feat.

Nobody knows how he did it or where he went. Experts have been baffled for well over a hundred years.

Henry left behind some strange artefacts, clues, riddles and puzzles in order to help out future prisoners. As yet, none have managed to figure them out.

do you have the cunning, logical, lateral-thinking mind to ‘unpuzzle’ the cell and emulate Henry?

This game takes place in an authentic jail cell well below ground level. The area may be wet, cold and dimly lit. Some physical exertion will also be required to play the game. Suitable clothing and footwear is advised.

Players must be aged 14 years and upwards. A minimum of two adults required.

Game Duration

60 Minutes


2 Players: £44
3 Players: £57
4 Players: £68


BODMIN – Bodmin Jail. Berrycoombe Road. PL31 2NR.

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