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As some of you may already know, we have developed a mobile escape room style game for up to 32 people to play at once, in 8 teams, racing against each other and against a 90 minute countdown timer.
The game consists of various puzzles and props which we bring to your venue. We set everything up, run the game, then pack it all away afterwards. Simple!

Our first offering is The Zoo, in which you need to collect the animals and place them in the correct cages before you can escape through the main gate!

But before all of that you’ll need to unlock the tool box left behind by the maintenance man. Inside is everything you’ll need to complete the game!

There are several puzzles to solve to gain access to the different animals.

Then there are several more puzzles to solve to identify each animal’s location within the zoo.

Finally, if you’ve made a note of some clues discovered along the way, you should be able to work out the code needed to open the gate!

At the time of publishing this blog article, only two teams have successfully escaped The Zoo! The team pictured escaped with barely two minutes remaining in a recent game at The Ship Inn, Polperro.

We have run The Zoo at various locations in Cornwall, such as village halls, pubs and restaurants. All we need is a fairly large private area and a double socket! Oh, and up to 32 players!

It’s perfect for staff team building, students, parties, fundraising, or just to get people into your premises where they might spend some money!

If you are interested in booking us please drop us a message on Facebook, give us a call, or email us at:

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