A Play-At-Home puzzle game.
Play on any device or print the cards.
Instant download in PDF format.

Click second and third images for example puzzles.
What number between 1 and 100 does each one represent?



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Totality is a set of 30 cards.
Each card contains a puzzle.
The solution to each puzzle is a number between 1 and 100.
Some might be easy, some may be trickier!
Solve the puzzles, add all the answers together, and you have TOTALITY!
Email your overall Totality number to us and we’ll tell you how close you are to the solution!

1 review for TOTALITY!

  1. Lynn Blake

    Absolutely love these puzzles! Good mix of easy and trickier ones… so satisfying when you think you’re stumped but then you get that ‘Eureka’ moment!

    • Trev (verified owner)

      Thank you, Lynn!

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