Vinny’s Lair

Notorious crook Vinny the Chin has been stealing animals in a bid to create his own private zoo.

Your mission is to infiltrate his not-so-top-secret hideaway and rescue his latest victim Billy the Bear. The alarm system has only been temporarily disabled so you will have to act fast.

Can you and your team save Billy, identify Vinny’s accomplice and escape his lair in 60 minutes?

The clock…is…ticking…


The dead lie dormant awaiting the next victims who dare to enter their sanctuary.

You have one hour to escape before they absorb your soul, leaving you trapped in their place for eternity. But this is Housetrap, and escape doesn’t necessarily mean survival!

This game may not be suitable for under 16’s.
Some minor physical exertion may be required and it might be a bit scary!

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