Rogue Elf

Open 7 days a week

One of Santa’s elves has turned rogue and locked up the other elves!…


Open 7 days a week

The dead lie dormant awaiting the next victims who dare to enter their sanctuary…


As a stray dog barks, a dry desert wind blows through the abandoned streets of Tumbleweed…

The Cellar

After the maid died in mysterious circumstances, Lord Hengar respectfully set out to preserve her room in a manner which befitted her…



In 1897 a man named Henry escaped his cell in Bodmin Jail and disappeared without a trace. He is the only person ever to accomplish this feat.


A madcap scientist named Fritz Berger has only gone and developed a Mind Control Virus. If it becomes airborne , the world as we know it will be over!

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Due to COVID-19 all of our game rooms are closed.

Due to COVID-19 all of our game rooms are closed. The health of our customers and staff is our foremost priority.