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On the outskirts of town the silhouette of a derelict house stands ominously against the backdrop of a winter’s moon. An owl’s screech pierces the cold night air. In the shadows, a creature flees, disturbed by an approaching vehicle.

You have arrived.

The heavy, oak front door creaks open, beckoning you in. Your breath is visible in the damp and gloomy hallway. A sudden chill shoots down your spine and for a moment you contemplate heading back to the car and driving away. But bravado spurs you on.

In the room ahead waits a malevolent spirit. A demonic presence said to terrorise all those who dare to enter. Your purpose here this evening is to banish it from our world, for good.

But first, you must make contact…

This game has an unnerving theme and contains elements which some people may find alarming.
Not suitable if you are pregnant or of a nervous disposition.
Strictly 15+ only. Anyone under 18 MUST be supervised by a parent at all times.

Game Duration

60 Minutes


2 Players: £50
3 Players: £66
4 Players: £80
5 Players: £90
6 Players: £96


BODMIN – 7 Paardeburg Road. PL31 1EY.

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