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A big hello to our huge readership! I hope you’re both ok!

We wanted to keep you up to date with behind-the-scenes shenanigans at Housetrap…

At the start of this year we had a plan to create 4 more escape rooms for you all. So much for planning!
Having just opened up our latest offering, D.A.S.H. (about a virus), we were hit with a pandemic (about a virus). You really couldn’t make this stuff up. The good thing is, when we are able to re-open our doors, D.A.S.H. is ready to go. It’s been tested, tweaked, tested and tweaked. It’s a different kind of game to our other offerings, requiring a fair amount of physicality (crawling!). It will also test your teamwork ethic to the max. It’s a tough game!

The next new idea on our agenda was a fun offering we have called AQUARIUM. The brief goes something along the lines of; you are trapped in a giant aquarium with just 60 minutes of oxygen in your tanks. Work on this project was supposed to have started back in early March. But forced closure of our business put pay to that. Hopefully, in time, we will be able to kick-start this idea again and make it a reality. By the way, you won’t actually be underwater!

In future blog posts I will tell you a little bit about the other two game ideas we have, which are now firmly on the back-burner. All being well, these will be realised one day.

In the meantime, don’t forget how important it is to exercise your brain!
One way is to try our Play-At-Home Puzzle Games. These were designed and created in-house and we post them out to you by first class mail. They share names with our existing game rooms but the content is completely different.

For now though, please all stay home and stay safe. We look forward to hosting you in our escape rooms in the not too distant future.

Best wishes,

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