Intrepid explorer Housetrap Henry has been traveling the globe in search of undiscovered puzzles. He managed to gather eleven such items before his absent-mindedness struck again and now he has gotten himself lost!

Designed and created by Housetrap Escape Rooms
(Printing required)

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LOST! is a Play-at-Home Puzzle game for all the family.
It is a Print & Play game, downloadable immediately in PDF format.

11 puzzles in total on just 3 pages.

1 review for LOST!

  1. Kirsty Kitchingham (verified owner)

    Awesome puzzles. Took my son & I 5 hours, gave us lots of frustration, then so much joy when we solved each section. Cannot wait for the next release.

    • Trev

      Thanks Kirsty. And well done for persevering!

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